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Etsy Sneak Preview: Sunset and Sepia

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Iron Orchid Vintage: Etsy Sneak Preview: Sunset and Sepia

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Etsy Sneak Preview: Sunset and Sepia

I drove across the bridge this afternoon and saw the sunset reflecting off of peaks in the waves of the bay. The city looked like it was shaking herself of the fog, the skyscrapers filtering what remaining light could come, the hills straining to absorb some heat from the fading sepia sky. I noticed myself, too, shrouded in a camel colored sweater, warming myself by thoughts of spring and summer, when the fading light does little to chill my spirit.

This week's collection was inspired by the last post, when I couldn't seem to decide on what colors to wear. All I've been drawn to are subtle, warm colors that play with the feeling of spring, and I couldn't stop myself from pairing the pieces of this week's Etsy update together. Here's a sneak peak at what's to come tomorrow.

Draped Ombre Silk Skirt, Beige Lace Blouse

Silk Batik Blouse, Tan Wool Pencil Skirt, Tan Flower Embossed Purse


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