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Abandoned Meadows, in the Spindrift Dress

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Iron Orchid Vintage: Abandoned Meadows, in the Spindrift Dress

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Abandoned Meadows, in the Spindrift Dress

Everything was quiet, but for the billowing of some old lace curtains that I could only see the top of through a boarded window. The peeling red paint stuck out like a hot coal in ash, and the house felt warm, like a sleeping baby's cheek. I imagined there was a lady of the house once, and that on days like this she'd have walked around barefoot. I'd like to think she was something of a fire-cracker, and that from time-to-time the slanted wooden floorboards would creak an unapologetic moan, a sonorous cry for being trapped between her heat and the earth's.

Outfit Details:
Vintage Spindrift Dress available in the Etsy shop.

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