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Iron Orchid Vintage: The Velvety Vintage Sailorette Dress

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Velvety Vintage Sailorette Dress

Digging through my closet this morning I found this dress smashed between a couple of older vintage finds. I had been waiting all summer to wear this dress out, but because I bought it when it was just a bit too unseasonal for that kind of weather, it had made it's way out of sight and I had somehow forgotten all about it! Well the weather is cool now, and aside froem the spurts of rain, it's pretty much ideal for this velvety dress. It isn't actually real velvet, but a navy, poly-cotton-stiff-but-velvet-like fabric. I couldn't decide what shoes to wear, so I tried on a couple of pairs. The vintage pair were quite a spectacular find because I seem to have a hard time finding vintage shoes that aren't naaarrow (did you like that pun, 'n-aaa-row' shoes?) in anything over a modern size 8. What gives?
This dress has a terribly cute babydoll cut, and is sweet as can be. Every time I put it on, however, I wonder if this was a piece from a mother/daughter companion set. Maybe somewhere, there's a toddler running around in the same dress as me!

My cat, who is an indoor cat, often follows me outside when I take outfit posts. He tries to impress me with his hunting prowess and pretends to chase after birds, but I've never seen him catch anything except for his stuffed catnip toys, which are of course inanimate.
Outfit Details:
Dress: Vintage 1980's Babydoll Sailor Dress from Etsy Shop theVintageSideShow
Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs
Gilded Sparrow Ring: BCBG
Purse: Vintage 1980's Dooney and Bourke
Tassel Shoes: Michael Kors
Black Pumps: Vintage 1970's Socialite
Tights: HUE 

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