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Day 18: Color Blocks on a Cloudy Day

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Iron Orchid Vintage: Day 18: Color Blocks on a Cloudy Day

Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 18: Color Blocks on a Cloudy Day

It's far from dress weather today, and I wanted to wear something cozy, yet chic. This ensemble is nearly entirely Akris Punto, a Swiss design house which produces the majority of their collection in Switzerland. Regrettably, I did not get a close-up of the silk blouse alone. You would just love the back-button styling, and the polka-dot/heart print. You can see a small sample of the print from the detachable collar that I photographed beside the handbag. The handbag, which is vintage 1990's Moschino, was the initial inspiration for today's look. It may be winter time, but I find that some bold and bright color-block classics look their best when in contrast with a cloudy or overcast day.
Outfit Details:
Vintage 1980's Blouse and Detachable Collar: Akris Punto
Vintage 1980's Cape: Akris Punto
Pants: Lux
Shoes: Made By Elves
Purse: Vintage 1990's Moschino
Daisy: Picked from the yard:)

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